What is limited scope legal representation?

Limited scope legal representation is representation by an attorney of specific elements of a legal matter that an individual representing themselves is unable to handle on their own. Such matters may include providing legal advice and court coaching, preparing and reviewing documents, and appearing in court.

Does this representation create an attorney/client relationship?

Yes. Both online and in person if necessary, your attorney will work with you to complete documents and provide legal advice for you to handle your case. The attorney/client relationship ends when your attorney completes the tasks of the limited scope legal representation.

How do I work as part of a team with my attorney?

You and your attorney will agree on how the tasks in your legal matter will be divided. For example, there may be tasks that you can perform yourself such as obtaining information, creating documents, and appearing at court hearings. Depending on your needs, your attorney can review your documents and provide legal advice and court coaching.

What if I do not complete my tasks in my legal matter?

Your participation and the completion of your tasks is required for the success of your limited scope legal representation. Your attorney is not responsible if you fail to complete your tasks.

What if additional legal matters develop during my limited scope representation and I want my attorney to handle the entire case?

It is imperative that you inform your attorney if any additional legal matters develop during your limited scope legal representation because such matters may have an impact on your representation. If you desire to hire your attorney for the entire case, and the attorney agrees to such representation, it will be a full service legal representation, at a higher rate.