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Why We Are Different

We assist you in your DIY legal matter, providing not just forms, but step-by-step instructions and legal advice
Affordable, flat-rate fees & no retainers – a low cost alternative for those who do not qualify for free legal services
Empowering you with everything you need to bypass the traditional law firms and handle civil legal matters yourself

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We will prepare your documents and notify you when they are ready. We will also make amendments as necessary.


Legal advice and instructions are included in the service. You get your own attorney for a fraction of the cost!

Residential Lease

This is a standard lease for residential property. The form contains questions concerning the property being leased, the landlords, and the tenants.

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Notification to Landlord to Make Repairs

This Notification to Landlord to Make Repairs is a simple notice identifying necessary maintenance and/or repair work on a leased premises, and asking that the landlord take appropriate action.

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Demand for Rent

This is a demand for outstanding rent, for use by a landlord. It includes a certificate of service on the tenant.

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Monthly Rental Agreement

This is an agreement between a renter and a property owner for the rental of real property on a month to month basis.

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Lease Termination Agreement

This is a termination of a standard lease for residential or commercial property. The form contains questions concerning the property being leased, the lessor, and the lessee.

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This product creates a simple sublease allowing a subtenant to lease property from an existing tenant, under the allowances provided by the original lease between the tenant and landlord.

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Client Testimonials

"Lee DiFilippo is a godsend.  She has helped me with business and family legal matters, always with confidence and a calm demeanor.  She is compassionate, encouraging, and incredibly knowledgeable.  Lee truly has a mission to empower people and I absolutely recommend her 100%."

Talitha Newman

"Thank you Lee for all your dedication and hard work for the people of Tarrant County. I appreciate all the miles you drove...making sure that our voices were heard. You are a true inspiration and set a high standard for colleagues in your industry."

Bettye Merritt-Hollie

"Lee DiFilippo helped me during the worse time of my life. I kept going around and around with court dates being postponed for over 6 months until Lee took my case. Lee kept communication with me and went above and beyond to help me. She gave me hope again when I thought all was lost."

Tracy Perez

"Lee is a joy to work with. She is knowledgeable and very helpful while also being easy going, allowing for a relaxed and stress-free experience in an already stressful time. I highly recommend her for any legal issues you may have!"

Jennifer Poche