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Business Contracts and Agreements

We review each form to make sure that it is consistent with your goals and provide you with completed forms ready for execution or publishing on your web site.

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  • Contract – This interactive document can be used to generate a streamlined contract. The person creating this contract will be able to add into the document all the agreed upon terms and conditions of the parties involved in the contract. This contract can be used for many different types of situations. Legal advice is included. $49.00
  • Employee Nondisclosure Agreement – This form contains questions concerning details of the company and employee who are entering into this agreement. $49.00
  • General Noncompete Agreement – A Noncompete Agreement can be used to prevent former employees from competing against your company after they leave your employment. $59.00
  • General Release – This is a form to release a party’s obligation arising from a claim, an action, a suit, a demand, or an agreement. The form contains questions concerning the parties and the obligation. $49.00
  • Independent Contractor Agreement – This is a simple independent contractor agreement between a Company and Contractor for work to be done on an existing contract/project. $49.00
  • Subontractor Agreement – This is a form for an agreement between a contractor and a subcontractor for real estate construction and related work to be performed on a property. The form contains questions concerning the parties to the contract, the work to be performed, payment terms, and the performance schedule. $59.00
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Incorporation Package

Our incorporation service provides you with everything you need for a fixed price. Just click on the button below and complete an online Questionnaire. We use the information you provide to prepare your documents. We will also provide legal advice if you need it. Once you are ready, you can save your information in your personal MyLegalAffairs web space, register as a client, and pay our fixed fee, plus the Texas State Filing Fee.


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LLC Package

A limited liability company, or LLC, is a business entity created under Texas law which has the characteristics of both a corporation and a partnership. An LLC enables the owner or the members to pass income through to their personal tax returns. You can organize either a one-member LLC, or a multi-member LLC. An LLC has the following advantages:

  • LLCs are easy to organize and maintain;
  • Members are insulated from the debts of an LLC, just like a corporation;
  • Income and losses can be passed through to members as in a sole proprietorship or partnership;
  • LLCs are more informal in terms of maintenance;
  • An LLC can have very flexible management and you can structure ownership in different ways. For example, you can have a Managing Member who gets a certain level of income and profit, and limited members who receive less income and profit, just like a limited partnership.

Our Texas Limited Liability Company Package includes a customized operating agreement with important provisions that limit the liability of the members from the company’s debts and creditors.


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LLC Operating Agreement

This product is used to create a Management Operating Agreement for a limited liability company.


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Partnership Agreement

A general partnership is similar to doing business as a sole proprietor, except you have partners to share the losses and gains. You are exposed to the same liabilities that you would be if you were a sole proprietor. Our package includes legal advice plus a partnership agreement that is customized for your particular circumstances. Our agreement includes all of the provisions that you need, such as dealing with the a death of a partner or the dissolution of the partnership.


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Disclaimer: Attorney-prepared legal documents may not be suitable for every circumstance and are generally designed for simple to moderately complex legal matters.

To determine if these service are right for you, please use the Support link on this web site to provide a brief summary of your situation. A member of the firm will respond.

The legal advice provided in conjunction with the attorney-prepared legal documents is limited to questions and/or issues that need to be addressed in order to properly prepare your documents. If extensive legal advice is needed and falls beyond the scope of this offering and/or your situation materially changes, an additional fee may be required.